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OP-1 Portable Synthesizer

OP-1 Portable Synthesizer

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Here's a real piece of design innovation from those Teenage Engineering wizards - a multi-award winning portable synthesizer that's as trim as it is powerful, setting new standards in the ever expanding field of digital audio production and design.

With 13 synthesizer engines, 7 high quality effects, and multiple routable Ifos, you'll never hit a wall when it comes to creative potential deploying this little beast. Unique built in sequencers multiply the possibilities exponentially.

As a controller the OP-1 ranks as a full blown midi-controller with access to transport (play/stop, rec, rewind and forward), a two octave keyboard with endless encoders, as well as a sound module that can be controlled from virtually any external software.

Incorporates a 4-track tape feature for enriched enhancement of recordings engaging tempo adjustment and overdubbing, shifting tape speeds, recording backwards in real time, 4 channel mixing, and offering a live mix in album mode on a virtual vinyl.

Featuring an easy to read four color coded interface, with a design sensibility promoting an intuitive, uncluttered aesthetic, the OP-1 keeps the workflow simple and streamlined.

OP-1 can connect with your other devices deploying usb and functions as an audio source, controller, or storage device.

Jean-Michel Jarre - "It's been a long time since I've seen something as interesting, flexible, and creative as this."

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