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Perspectives Scented Candle

Perspectives Scented Candle

Fotografiska Essentials

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Fotografiska partnered with Muro Scents Co. to create this elegantly subdued scented candle in its black ceramic jar with indigo signature branding. Muro are an innovative ideas company with a primary focus on artisanal craft and creativity. They draw inspiration from widespread global craft traditions which they seek to harness in the development of contemporary olfactory products.

Perspectives seemed more than an apt title for our choice of fragrances, blended here in a vegan candle releasing a refined bouquet with notes of juniper, leather, tar and myrrh. It conjures the cool of the darkroom, but with a close-to-nature redolence. Warm your senses, cool your mind.

3.5"H 3”D (8.9x7.6 cm)

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