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World #17 Poster

World #17 Poster

Ruud van Empel | Online Exclusive

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Ruud van Empel (b. 1958, Breda) has in recent years developed into one of the most original contemporary photographic artists.

Ruud van Empel has developed a unique working method in his digital image processing. From hundreds of photographic fragments, he compiles images that look completely true to life but at the same time evoke a world that never existed in this form. This paradisiacal reality is mainly populated by children, who symbolize innocence, which is a consistent theme in his artistry. Despite the striking beauty, these works are far from unequivocal; there is something not quite right: what is real and what is not real? This ambiguity creates a fascinating depth in Ruud van Empel's works, which with their brilliant colors and sumptuous detail are a true feast for the eye.

The exhibition Pictures don't lie (2013) presented a wide selection of van Empel's most important series from recent years, including World, where children figure among lush greenery or stare at the viewer from a pond, and Moon, which is its nocturnal counterpart, as well as Venus, with its attractive nude studies. These series, which met with great success in exhibitions worldwide, were preceded by The Office (1995) where van Empel began to develop his digital technology. The exhibition also offers a selection of his latest works, Souvenir, where van Empel added a new and highly personal chapter to his collective output, and Generation, which consists of panoramic group photographs.

Size: 19.69"W 27.56"H (50x70 cm)

Printed on 170g FSC-certified paper.

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