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Swedish proverb Poster

Swedish proverb Poster

Jesper Waldersten

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Jesper Waldersten is famous for being one of Sweden's most headstrong and celebrated artists, who with his painting, sketching and photography always attracts new fans.

With his inimitable style in which he seemingly unhindered mixes words, photos, music and draughtsmanship, he creates images where nothing is static, nothing is obvious. The result is unpredictable, ingenious and usually unsettling; you may laugh at the clever wordplay, the sharp humor and the contemporary commentaries but lurking throughout is a depth of seriousness. He has published several highly acclaimed books and has exhibited in Sweden and abroad to very positive reviews.

In his exhibition “All Over” he goes back to his roots, questioning what it really means to be human. More than often his work is relatable with a dark sense of humor.

Poster that reads “It doesn’t get funnier than this” (in Swedish).

Size: 50x70 cm / 19.69"W 27.56"H

Printed on 170g FSC-certified paper.

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