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Perspectives Perfume Oil

Perspectives Perfume Oil

Fotografiska Essentials

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Fotografiska worked with Muro Scents Co. in developing a fragrance we thought captured something of our spirit. Drawing their inspiration from globalwide craft traditions, Muro are an innovative ideas company evolving olfactory products for a contemporary environment.

Distinctive yet subtle was our goal, with a ready signature of the natural world, but one not too removed from the refined processes involved in discovering a sophisticated point of view.

Bottled in a slimline, black, signature branded 10ml dispenser with roll-on head, our Perspectives fragrance is held in a solution of jojoba oil and aqua, and carries notes of juniper, ginger, white pepper, anis, leather, benzoin, juniper berry, fir needle, oakmoss, birch tar, and myrrh. That’s the fine grain, but all put together it delivers the bigger picture.

10ml bottle dispenser in printed card packaging

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