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Noeud Soap By Lex Pott - Soft White

Noeud Soap By Lex Pott - Soft White

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The NOEUD soaps are designed to be sculptural and ergonomic. They are all handmade by Lex Pott in the Netherlands with the best possible natural ingredients. A great Spring decor option!

The idea for the soap came from extrusion. Lex Pott developed this technique to make sculptural and ergonomic soaps. Most soaps are still in block or bar form. Since he strongly believes that soaps can also be more sculptural and ergonomic, he made the soap in a knot shape (NOEUD in French). In Typography, the French word NOEUD has a ligature. This is a combination or knot of two letters. You can see this in the logo on the boxes.

Size: 4"H 2.4"W

Made from natural ingredients

Scent: Sandalwood

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