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Miles Aldridge: Pictures for Photographs (Signed)

Miles Aldridge: Pictures for Photographs (Signed)

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Pictures for Photographs explores the relationship between the sketches and the photographs, opening with the manic drawings with which Aldridge fills sketchbooks in advance of shoots. Scrawled in pen or pencil, these black-and-white sketches generate ideas for potential photographs and map out a vision of a series of pictures, like a storyboard. Sometimes dotted with handwritten notes such as "green/yellow bra" or "painting nipples with lipstick," Aldridge's sketches are of course crucial to his photography. The second half of the book presents Aldridge's photographs: a blonde woman eating lobster and caviar with a breast exposed, an erotic couple in a darkened limousine, a school girl surrounded by her teddy bears and crying Madonnas.

Miles Aldridge's photography is dreamlike, opulent and glamorous. His colors are saturated in the vein of David LaChapelle; among his portrait subjects, it's unsurprising to find David Lynch, bathed in the projector's light, a godfather to Aldridge's appetite for spotlit scenarios of beautiful people engaged in dark misdoings. These staged scenarios have been seen in such magazines as Vogue and Numéro, but the sensual sketches that inform them are scarcely known.By juxtaposing Aldridge's monotone drawings with his amplified, Pop-inspired photographs, Pictures for Photographs offers new insight into Aldridge's imagination and working processes. A wonderful opportunity to obtain this sumptuous out-of-print book, signed by the artist.

Signed by the artist

House in a slipcase

Size: 10.5"W 15.2"H

176 pages

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