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Man Ray Chess Set

Man Ray Chess Set

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Internationally acclaimed Philadelphia born Man Ray, a giant of the Surrealist art era, was a devoted chess enthusiast like his colleague Marcel Duchamp. During his lifetime he designed a variety of sets, but with his very first set of 1920 he distilled the precepts of modernism into a simple wooden hand carved design deploying ideal geometrical forms, and it has become a classic of the form. The violin scroll styled knight - while alluding to the Fibonacci sequence of spiral extension - playfully recalls his iconic photograph of a seated nude woman from the back with violin f punch marks on her lower torso. Licensed for reproduction by the Man Ray Trust since 2012, the pieces are carved from beechwood by craft houses in Germany and Italy.

Includes the chess board + 32 Pieces in a gift box

Solid beech wood with clear lacquer and black painted finishes

Dimensions: 1"H 1"W 1"D

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