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LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera (Neubau Edition)

LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera (Neubau Edition)

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Photography for the photograph's sake? That's Lomography - the enjoyment of photographic film that's shot-from-the-hip entertaining all forms of light, scale, composition, and speed distortion. Just point and click. The excitement and drama is in the printed result. Wide-angle weirdness? You've got that.

Now, meet the LomoApparat Neubau, the totally experimental, incredibly wide and super easy to use 35 mm film camera with a 21 mm wide-angle lens. Or, use the included 0.2 m close-up lens attachment to get closer… and closer.

Step out of reality. Snap around the clock and get analogue crazy with a built-in flash and colored gel filter slider. Kaleidoscope and Splitzer lens attachments for unique experimental effects. Experiment is everything in Lomography.

And while we're talking about visual effects, well, just look at this baby - a classic LomoApparat vintage Russian styled camera dressed in an exclusive Italian leather design. Did someone mention personality? Snapping's never looked so snappy. It's a party on assignment.

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Film Format: 35 mm

Focal Length: 21 mm

Available Apertures: f10

Shutter Speed: 1/100 (N), Bulb (B)

Flash: Built In Flash

Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment

Multiple Exposure: Yes

Tripod Mount: Yes

Cable Release: No

Battery: 1 × AA

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