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Hassan Hajjaj Small Tall Tea Tin

Hassan Hajjaj Small Tall Tea Tin

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Collectible tea boxes designed by Hassan Hajjaj, featuring the globally recognizable 'fatima hand' symbol. Made in Morocco and also used in the distinctive framing of his photography. An elegant, small tea tin with a slender, tall shape, with a distinctive pattern, these metal tea boxes are ideal to store treasures or add color to your desk, holding flowers or pens. Available in red, yellow and green. Hajjaj's collaborations are joyful, vibrant and celebratory. All imaginable materials from Morocco, together with ones from contemporary London are used in his art and designs, in a way that distinctively signals that this is work by Hassan Hajjaj: photographer, and artist – by profession and in life.

Size: 2.8"W 4.5"H

Lacquered tinplate metal

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