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Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal

Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal

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This handsome, visually prodigious 2018 publication from Aperture and the Portland Museum of Art, ably makes a claim for the artist's unrivaled ability to dissect and elucidate subtext in the tsunami of American media imagery that makes up our contemporary environment. At center is Thomas's clear eyed view of the processes of consumer baiting and identity commodification, nimbly and arrestingly exposed here in an expansive body of work that subverts the slick, easily digested language of advertising promotion. A book for our time.

One of the founders of the artist collective For Freedoms, Thomas's work is currently featured in our exhibition Listen Until You Hear, where it presents powerfully charged works relaying his focus on themes of perspective, identity, justice, and pop culture.


11.5"H 9.5"W

256 pages

Illustrations: 300

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