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HAAS Microfreak, Hot Shot

HAAS Microfreak, Hot Shot

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The embodiment of keeping your cool, Hot Shot uses her stalked eyes to watch for threatening volcanic eruptions and gladly swims through boiling lava to make sure others are safe. Hot Shot will add some heat to your collection and inspire you to be a hero.

18k gold-plated, hand-beaded, and hand-polished three times, these creatures use character, humor, and craftsmanship to prove that high-end art does not have to be boring.

These limited edition Microfreaks create a rare opportunity to own an authentic Haas Brothers original. Beyond being beautiful handcrafted creatures, these works of art were born from a collaboration between the Haas Brothers and a group of female artisans now known as the Haas Sisters of Lost Hills.

Size: 6" H 3.15"W 3.25" D

Pewter base, double brass-plated, 18k gold-plated, and hand polished 3 times.

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