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HAAS Microfreak, Dr. Licky

HAAS Microfreak, Dr. Licky

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Dr. Licky is a creature of the rain forest. With a taste for helping others, she uses her elongated tongue to lick and explore the tropical terrain for new medicines to heal people around the world. Dr. Licky is a funky addition to your collection and will encourage you to have a heart as big as her tongue.

18k gold-plated, hand-beaded, and hand-polished three times, these creatures use character, humor, and craftsmanship to prove that high-end art does not have to be boring.

These limited edition Microfreaks create a rare opportunity to own an authentic Haas Brothers original. Beyond being beautiful handcrafted creatures, these works of art were born from a collaboration between the Haas Brothers and a group of female artisans now known as the Haas Sisters of Lost Hills.

Size: 4.5"H 4.75"W 3.25"D

Pewter base, double brass-plated, 18k gold-plated, and hand polished 3 times.

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