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HAAS Lazy Susan Catch-All Monster, White & Gold

HAAS Lazy Susan Catch-All Monster, White & Gold

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This Lazy Susan is not on a turntable for your convenience, but she is very graciously available to help out while she reclines - feet in the air - offering you her generous, hollowed, gilt belly to hold your necessaries or notions. A character from the realm of the Haas Brothers, superbly crafted by L'Objet, she is of high grade porcelain with 24k gold accents. Lazy she may be but - horned, kerneled like an ear of corn, armadillesque - she is attentive to your viewing pleasure and accommodating of your needful things.

Size: 8"L 6"W 4.5"H

Porcelain, 24K gold

Made in Portugal

Care: Dust with a soft cloth. If necessary, handwash with a mild, non-citrus dish soap and dry with a soft cloth.

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