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HAAS Large Mojave Desert Bowl, White & Gold

HAAS Large Mojave Desert Bowl, White & Gold

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Dropped from some passing pleasure dream-world, this captivating vessel comes via the Haas Brothers and L'Objet's fine craft studios. The vivid organic form is rich with contrast, displaying a molten satiny gold interior in a white crustaceous skin of bubbling coagulants. The surfaces vie for attention, one lustrous and smooth; the other opaque, textured, patterned variably but closely - here and there figuratively suggestive of desert flora.

Empty or filled, this sumptuous bowl design offers a feast for the eyes.

Size: 12.75"L 11"W 5"H

4.75 qt capacity

Fine porcelain, 24K gold

Care: Dust with a soft cloth. If necessary, handwash with a mild, non-citrus dish soap and dry with a soft cloth.

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