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HAAS Huggers Box, White & Gold

HAAS Huggers Box, White & Gold

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From the world of the Haas Brothers and the craft studios of L'Objet comes this affectionate pair, fondly embracing by way of celebrating the rediscovery of physical closeness. Demonstrating how to take the rough with the smooth, the high quality porcelain duo present quite the contrast - one figure gleams sleekly in a coat of 24k gold, and the other erupts in an encrustation of white barnacle-like dimpled nubbles. Marvelously they will lose their heads for you and provide an elegant cache box for smallish items - either fantastical or mundane. You might also try investing them with floral embellishment; they know how to hold on to something.

Size: 7.25"H 7.5"W 4.5"D

Porcelain, 24K Gold

Made in Portugal

Care: Dust with soft cloth. If necessary, handwash with a mild, non-citrus dish soap and dry

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