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F**K Snow Globe

F**K Snow Globe

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The celebrated Victorian trinket will likely never be the same in the wake of this innovative expressive design by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese. With one eye on the popular 19th century seasonal whimsy, and one on contemporary display aesthetics, and an ear for the mantra vulgaris de jour, the Brooklyn based designers present the F**K Snow Globe, for the holidays - or any other suitable occasion. Red capitals loom, seeming to float within a crystal sphere surmounted on an elegant red pedestal, as a blizzard of snow white particles swarm and surge liquidly about them, slowly settling to convey a singular snow laced message. Found in more than 10,000 homes to date, the piece has surely arrived in its own time.

Size: 4"W 6"H 3"D

Glass snow globe, plastic base

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