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"Dog Walker" Snow Globe

"Dog Walker" Snow Globe

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Here's a clever and innovative notion: why not have your pooch turn the tables and walk their charges for a change? And if your canine chum is reliable, have them walk the baby - or even the neighbors' babies. Think of the free time it could give you, and maybe even make you a little extra cash on the side for the baby-sitting duties involved! You know how much your dog loves to walk, and those babies need some exercise. Can't you just hear the peace at bedtime?

Envision it just for a moment, or better still, here's a snow globe ornament enclosing the magical scene. Figures are hand-painted cast resin in a mouth-blown glass orb, combined with purified water, glycerine and Ethylene-Glycol (anti-freeze). Two parts of fun to one part imaginative possibility. Shake vigorously for glorious optimal effect, and savor.

Size: 4"W 4"L 4.5"H

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