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Awakening Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Awakening Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Be the message!

Listen Until You Hear curators For Freedoms produced this cosy, soft, long sleeved cotton t-shirt to celebrate their campaign of 2020, Awakening. Commemorating the mobilization of the pop-up groups of 1860, the Wide Awakes, the campaign sought to re-energize communities in visualizing and reaching for a radically improved civic future, one focused on listening, healing, and justice. Bold and hopeful words, here emblazoned on the sleeves and back of this black on white design, which also displays a mission slogan, a web address link, the For Freedoms logo, and a graphic denoting a visionary eye - a droplet in the iris sets off a wave of outward radiating ripples. It's a great way to show your colors and support the collective. Inspiration is always in style.

100% cotton

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