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Annunciation Poster

Annunciation Poster

David LaChapelle

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This is a poster rendition of David LaChapelle’s Annunciation, the biblical scene of angel Gabriel’s announcement of Christ to Virgin Mary. However, and as we can expect from the artist, LaChapelle brings new innovations to this scene and reconfigures it in light of modern questions and curiosities. Seated naked with her legs elegantly stretched on the floor, the ebony Virgin doesn’t look surprised by Gabriel’s revelation inasmuch as she looks cautious, staring at him as he advances towards her. Unlike typical renderings of the Annunciation in art history, Mary’s left hand is outstretched as if to stop the angel––his wings substituted by his windblown garments––from coming any closer to her. Her right hand cradles her stomach as if to protect it. Even further, apart from his halo, Gabriel is without his usual attributes in this scene, like a sceptre or lily branch in his hand in recognition of Mary’s virginity and to signify this announcement of life to her. Instead, Gabriel points one hand to God and the other sternly to Mary as if to warn her of the gravity of what is about to come.

Size: 19.69"W 27.56"H (50x70 cm)

Printed on 170g FSC-certified paper

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