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4K Ultra HD II (Tropical) Poster

4K Ultra HD II (Tropical) Poster

Inka & Niclas Lindergård

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This startling, intriguing image is a poster reproduction of a work by the Finnish-Swedish photographic team featured in Fotografiska's 2024 exhibition, Human/Nature. At once captivated by the natural and digital worlds, Inka & Niclas depict arresting natural landscape scenes that have evolved to a heightened post-natural state, at once unsettling and eerily beautiful. Our present world is undeniable testament to humanity's desires regarding nature, for better, for worse, and other. The photo duo's tropical "burning bush", "4K Ultra HD II (Tropical)," reminds us that not all our dream worlds may necessarily be good ones.

Size: 19.69"W 27.56"H (50x70 cm)

Printed on 170g FSC-certified paper

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