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Marshall Acton III Home Speaker

Marshall Acton III Home Speaker

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The Marshall Acton III Home Speaker is the pinnacle of sound technology designed to enhance your listening experience. With an expertly re-engineered stereo soundstage, this system features tweeters angled outwards and updated waveguides that deliver a consistently solid sound so expansive, it will envelop you from every angle in the room. Moreover, the all-new Placement Compensation feature instantly corrects for any nearby reflective surfaces that may impact the sound quality, while the built-in Dynamic Loudness adjusts the tonal balance, ensuring your music sounds brilliant at every volume.

Experience ultimate convenience with the streamlined design of this system - everything you need is right at your fingertips, including the Bluetooth pairing button, power switch, bass and treble controls, and control knob. Seamlessly connect and control your music without ever having to pick up your device.

The Marshall Acton III Home Speaker is primed to deliver next-generation Bluetooth features as soon as they become available, ensuring it remains future-proof for years to come.

With a strong focus on sustainability, this speaker has been crafted using only vegan materials and boasts a PVC-free build, made up of 70% recycled plastic.

Connecting to your speaker has never been more effortless, thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 and the 3.5 mm input. Let the music flow, and take your listening experience to the next level with the Marshall Acton III Home Speaker.

Size: 10.24"W 6.69"H 5.91"D

Frequency range of 45-20,000 Hz

Adjustable bass and treble controls

Stereo output

Maximum sound pressure level of 95 dB @ 1 m

Bass-reflex cabinet principle

Power amplifiers: one 30 Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer, and two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters

Wired connectivity via 3.5 mm input

Top panel controls: source button, volume control knob, bass control knob, treble control knob, play/pause button, skip backward/forward control knob, power switch

Bluetooth range of 30 ft

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.2; ready for Bluetooth LE Audio

No water resistance

Mains input voltage of 100-240 V

No network standby power consumption

Mains frequency of 50-60 Hz

Marshall Bluetooth app (iOS & Android)

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