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Frank Ockenfels 3: Volume 3 (Signed)

Frank Ockenfels 3: Volume 3 (Signed)

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This visually sumptuous volume from teNeues marks the first compendium of Ockenfels's highly distinctive, widely acclaimed photoworks. The artist's signature informal, freewheeling take on portrait photography, sketchbooking, and visual exploration incorporates photo printing, off-setting, collaging, hand-drawn graphic enhancement, and a variety of assault styled mixed media, producing activated, dramatically tactile imagery that might lay claim to introducing a new medium in itself. Skewing toward the psychologically dark, the mysterious, Ockenfels' "portraits" extend well beyond the field of traditional likeness-capturing, a distinction that has propelled him to the forefront of contemporary media design artists. His portraits of David Bowie, Angelina Jolie, and Kurt Cobain are well known, and his work in film and television, ranging from Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, to House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and American Horror Story, have garnered him critical accolades and a wide following. With his characteristic hypergraphia, Ockenfels has hand-signed and sketched in each of these volumes, rendering it a unique collectible.  


Size: 12.6"H 9.8"W

224 pages

Illustrations: 90 color, 85 black and white

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