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Elizaveta Porodina: Un/Masked, Exhibition Catalogue

Elizaveta Porodina: Un/Masked, Exhibition Catalogue

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A first monograph on the work of bold new talent, photographer Elizaveta Porodina, this handsome 2022 publication from Hatje Cantz serves its subject well, presenting 150 high quality reproductions of the photographer's oeuvre of the past 4 years - a distinctive take on the meeting points of fashion, beauty, the unconscious, and the surreal. Deploying a wide range of photographic and digital effects, Porodina takes us to places of weird enchantment that are not really all that comfortable, but which seem strangely familiar. Real beauty, she suggests, presents us with an encounter with ourselves, which can be unnerving. The photographer's lush, color saturated images are finely printed on deluxe paper, highlighting her heightened sense of light, pigment, tone and drama. The viewer is cast as a story teller.


Size: 9.5"W 12"H

160 pages with 150 color illustrations

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