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"Bad Kitty" Snow Globe

"Bad Kitty" Snow Globe

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Oh dear, Kitty, what have you done? Curiosity may have killed a few cats in time, but information - of all kinds - does make them fat. Consider the case of the felonious feline who dropped a toaster into the bathtub to see if it would heat the bathwater. Alas, the bath was occupied in the instant, and the shocking results were, well, fatal for the bather. Who could have predicted? But Kitty, really, just had to know! Bad Kitty.

Envision the scene if you like, or better still, here's a snow globe ornament capturing the unfolding catastrophe in an enchanting blizzard of dramatic moment. Figures are hand-painted cast resin in a mouth-blown glass orb, combined with purified water, glycerine and Ethylene-Glycol (anti-freeze). Two parts of fun to one part mischief. Shake vigorously for glorious optimal effect, and savor.

Size: 4"W 4"L 4.5"H

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